Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Inviting in the “ish”

Have you ever been discouraged by your drawing ability? Maybe you can color like nobody’s business, but couldn’t go beyond stick figures to save your life. Maybe you can throw the perfect spiral but shake at the idea of penciling a straight line. Scratchy handwriting? Wonky smiley faces? Heck maybe even your kid stared at something you drew and politely asked you to say what it was.

Well let me introduce you to the concept of “ish”.

Now ish gets a bad wrap in the business world. We want answers. The correct ones. Pi to the 587th decimal point-type of accuracy. But in this constant search for perfectionism we toss aside some really great concepts. Or refused to share our personal opinions and ideas for fear that they’re not fully fleshed out.

Well ish is a big component of creativity and the beautiful baby of “Ideastorming” and “Innovation”. Ish is what gives us that little bit of wiggle room to accept something that’s not completely fleshed out yet. And it’s important you get to know it.

In another one of Peter H. Reynold’s whimsical picture books. He explores the concept of ish: Discouraged that his pictures never turned out exactly how he wanted them, Ramon almost decides to give up drawing for good. Until his younger sister encourages him by explaining his drawings are capturing things-ish, and it isn’t always about getting things “right.”

Are you allowing room for ish in your idea world and pursuit of creativity? Or is the pursuit of perfection squishing every seed before it starts to grow? Give yourself and those around you a little grace by incorporating the concept of ish.

And just maybe you’ll start to see yourself as a little more creative-ish.



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