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Want stellar design and an easy-to-work with pair?

You’re in the right place. We’re not about hard sells or fear tactics. No project managers, outsourcing or large overhead. Just a two-person team of passion, productivity, and profitability for your company.


Like all of their clients, Megan and JK's work has exceeded my expectations. They are thoughtful, responsible, reliable and innovative. They gave their finger on the pulse of my business and can articulate that message to my audience. I completely trust this aspect of my business to them. Pairing with Paired is the perfect pick!

Andy Liechty of Andy Liechty & Associates

JK, love your speedy responses and excellent work... you and Megan are on top of it! It's a rarity these days 🙂

Dave Bunn of Experience Travel

They are personable to work with and everything is designed around us and our brand, not theirs; nothing Paired Inc. does is "cookie-cutter". I would definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them.

 Jack & Lindsi of Array Architecture+Interiors

Thanks, friends!! I've received some incredible feedback on this already. A colleague, who does mostly leadership development, said this is the best website he's seen in our space EVER. Eek.

Stefanie Krievins of Stefanie Krievins & Co.

Happy Clients