At Paired Inc we feel strongly about pairs.

Firstly, we believe in pairing both marketing and design. We want to give you a stellar product that you’re proud of and accomplishes your business goals. Our work isn’t just there to make you look good. We also are here to grow your business.

Secondly, we want to pair with you. To form a trusted relationship, to draw upon the deep understanding you have of your business, and to offer a fresh perspective. We’re in it for the long haul and value long-term relationships with our clients.

And finally, we are a pair. No project managers, outsourcing or large overhead. Just a two-person team of passion, productivity, and profitability for your company. So, let us take a moment to introduce ourselves:

1/2 of Paired


I like computers, gadgets & gizmos. I have an inexplicable affinity for sunglasses (and watches). I read a ton of blogs and not enough books. I own 4 computers and secretly want another one. And I think cheeseburgers are the greatest food ever.

Xavier University
BSBA in Marketing from Williams College of Business

other 1/2 of Paired


Green grass is my favorite type of scenery. I almost always want dessert. I almost never want more than 2 bites. I like my music loud, my box of crayons fuller than 64, and my glass half-full. Realistic fiction is my least favorite genre. I think video games have huge untapped potential in education and Swiss cheese is gross. I like being around people, and I never need a cup of coffee to wake me up.

Xavier University
University Scholars Program
Elementary Education (but I majored in Creativity a long time ago).