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Megan: Graphic Designer

This is Megan.Meet Megan.  Megan makes things look good here at Paired Inc.  Megan has an extensive and diverse background in art – which is evident in all her work and on the websites she’s done (see here for an example: eiLeads – note: she actually took the time to make all those colors and photograph it for the site).  She always adds that extra touch of design and care to all of her work, whether it’s a website, logo, painting or up-cycling old clothing so they look great again.

Megan also requires a constant flow of snacks nearby and has a great affinity for Children’s Books.  All of this, combined with her tech-savvy-ness makes her the best business partner anyone could ask for.

Picture below by Chris Whonsetler – be sure to check him out online: (WhonPhoto), on Facebook, and Twitter as well!

Now, let’s take a peek at Megan’s Paired tools:

Megan's Tools

1. Camera: Mostly any one will do, but I prefer something with a little more megapixels over my old iPhone. I use it for snapping photos of our recent work to stick in our portfolio or to get background images to doctor up in Photoshop.

2. Snacking Plate: Home office=snack haven. Grapes, Bunny Crackers, or last night’s cookies get positioned on my plate where they sit nicely on my desk.

3. Notepad: For jotting down notes when meeting with clients. I kinda love fun colors 🙂

4. Children’s Books: Picture books are for inspiration and chapter books are for much-needed breaks. I’ve got a whole library in our office and it keeps my heart and creativity in the “write” spot.

5. Paint Brushes: Sometimes my work projects involve creating art the “old fashion way” before uploading it to the computer. Other times I just prefer tangible paint over CMYK and RGB color codes.

6. Writing Utensils: Skinny Sharpies are a must-have for me (only in black though). I love them for outlining designs or labeling things. I also have my trusty generic pen, and I always have a mechanical pencil to jot down appointments in my planner. (In green of course).

7. Tablet: I’ve recently upgraded to a Windows Surface where I can happily sketch around in Adobe’s Creative Suite. (Let me know when your iPad can do that…)

8. MacBook: I was originally an Apple-lover though, and still have a sweet spot for this old thing I got for college. After a hard-drive transplant, it still manages pretty well and is always my preference for typing up documents and doing quick updates to our site.

9. Wii Remote: Or XBox–I just love game breaks when my brain is fried.

10. Paired Binder:  Goals, Ideas for Client Projects, Notes from Workshops, Inspiration, Truth@Work sheets, etc. all organized nicely with colorful tabs in my green binder.

11. Sketchbook: I always sketch out logos before taking them digitally. Rough outlines for temples and fun doodles also dwell here.

12. Planner: Where I’m to be and when. I write in pencil because things are always getting shuffled around.

13. Windows Phone: First comes the surface, then comes the Nokia 1020. I love my new phone with its 41 megapixel camera and my new favorite game: Fruit Frenzy. It holds our shared calendar (a must when your husband is also your business partner), my newest finished design projects, and currently multiple Disney backgrounds from Tangled to Capt America.

14. Truth Book: It’s easy to get derailed and discouraged when you run your own business. I write down little truths and encouraging words in this green notebook to get refocused on what matters when things get rough.

*Bonus: Bunny. (For obvious reasons.)

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