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Rachel: Teacher

This is Rachel (with a cute kid from her class).Say hello to Rachel Stoney! A highly gifted teacher who’s packed full of love, creative ways to learn, and a whole lot of funny phrases from the kiddos she teaches each day. After graduating from Xavier University, her passion for teaching led her to a wonderful little school, Little Way. 

“Our little school in the north Georgia mountains is made up of a Montessori lower school (ages 3 to 6) and an elementary classroom (grades 2 through 5). The elementary classroom has been up and running for three years and I am blessed by eight little (and not so little) ones that keep me on my toes. We are tucked away in a beyond perfect haven for learning, exploring, and discovering.”–Rach

To learn more about her lovely classroom and hear about all the escapades and enjoyment in her days teaching, check out her blog, Tiny Teaching Moments.

Now, take a peek with Paired at her tools of the trade:


1) My single cup french press. I make a cup every morning as my kiddos are arriving (I am an absolute creature of habit). I am sure I would survive without the caffeine, but nursing a delicious cup of coffee all morning keeps me happy. Or sane at least.

2) Post-its. Teaching multiple grades sure keeps me busy–and my brain needs more than just itself to keep track of every moving part. I am constantly saying to my kids, “Write me a note. You know I won’t remember unless you leave me a sticky at my workspace.” And they do. And it is precious. Especially when it’s just an “I love you” note.

3) My weekly lesson planner. It helps me map out the week across four grade levels. It isn’t always pretty, and I am quite sure no one else could translate the madness, but it works for this not-always-so-organized-but-working-on-it teacher.

4) A good piece of classic literature. Most often, but not limited to, an Austen or a Bronte. I have come to discover that my teaching is so much more authentic when I share experiences from my own reading life. And, much to my joy, even 7 year olds can fall in love with beautiful, awe-inspiring writing. They have become quite eager to hear passages about the dramas of Mrs. Catherine Linton, or the antics of Mr. Collins as he pursues Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

5) Dark chocolate. I spend all day with children. Adorable, wonderful, but also high-maintenance and patience-requiring children. Chocolate is a necessity.

6) Sharpies. Preferably in bright colors. They are great for making posters and charts to keep track of our learning in the classroom.

7) Kleenex. Lots of it. There is a lot of snot in this classroom. Gross, yes. But very true nonetheless.

8) Our iMac (and her mouse!). It has a giant screen and is great for essay typing, Brainpop watching, project planning, Vivaldi listening, video editing, and research conducting. Her name is Penny. And we love her.

9)Ticonderoga tri-write pencils. They make for a perfect cursive pencil grip. They are so wonderful that I even changed the way I hold a pencil after 20ish years of writing. They sold me after all this time on the proper tripod grip. They are a hot commodity in our little classroom.

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