A Year of Victories

2012-VictoriesJumping into the new year has always been a time to look ahead, set goals and dream big. January is the month when we take deep breaths and dive in–ready to swim further than we ever have before. But before you start those resolutions, we encourage you to reach back and recall the past year.

With the jolt of energy at the beginning of a new year, it is easy (and a heck of a lot of fun not to mention a very smart business move) to set goals for the year. But as the months drone on and winter withholds spring and summer from us longer than we would have liked, it can be difficult to maintain the same amount of drive and passion to pursue the goals you set only months before.

The solution? Head into the fray with a little history of past triumphs to back you up.

So before you start your list of goals, take a look at the past year and check it twice. Forget beating yourself up over failures or previous goals unmet. Instead, focus on your victories both big and small. What have you learned this year? Who have you met? Where did you find success in a less-than-hopeful situation? These are the badges you should don before heading into the next year.

And make sure you write them down, too. It’s important to have your list of accomplishments and triumphs when you’re losing hope and your goals seem all but forgotten. When plans go awry or business is down, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. But if you take the time now to take a look at where you’ve gone, and how you’ve changed, you will be able to  maintain that beginning-of-the-year zeal all the way until the next one!



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