Sempose Fitness

Hired For:

  • Web Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Card Design
  • Collateral Design


Sempose Fitness wanted a brand image to help them reach more people, and also set them apart in a crowded market.


We helped Sempose Fitness with a new site with E-Commerce capabilities and integrated CRM/Email Marketing to help them build their business by converting web visitors into leads and then clients.

Additionally, we were able to help streamline Steve and Kelsey’s marketing strategies, saving them tons of time and making them more effective while doing so.


Since implementing streamlined marketing, Steve has been able to have several posts on social media reach thousands of users on a regular basis:

Sempose also utilized our service, Coursair, to help them build an email list and promote and sell online courses.

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Steve & Kelsey of Sempose Fitness


Branding, eCommerce/Online Courses, Marketing Strategy, Website Design

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