Haus of Huntress

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  • Branding/Logo Design
  • Blog Design

With oodles of design experience and an eye for all things haute, Cassie Perry was ready to step out into her own. She wanted a brand experience that captured her authentic self: a confident huntress tackling the world with witty charm and killer finds. Cassie was also hoping to cultivate her own little spot online to gather a following and grow her business.

We worked with Cassie to develop ‘Haus of Huntress,’ a blog featuring her style tips and tell-all sass. We pulled together custom graphics that echoed her new journey and the antler-themed accessories she had been creating.  A sophisticated color palette was used to put the attention on her words and work. Because Cassie would be running her blog on her own, we also had some coffee dates where we trained her on the best blogging techniques and got her ready for the hunt!

“Thanks for all you have done for me!! I’m so proud of the site and can’t wait to use it soon! So many hugs your way bc it couldn’t have been done without your special touch!” –Cassie Perry


Cassie Perry

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