Does the idea of social media make you cringe?

When you think about social media do you feel like hours of your time instantly floated away? Or maybe you’ve been pressured into the idea of setting up a social media account, but you have no idea where to start. I mean, will this stuff actually help your business?

Yes, it can. But you need to do it right.

As business owners we’ve been there too. There seem to be too few hours in the day and too many new social media platforms to digest. But we’ve found a way to use social media effectively that doesn’t suck our time or energy, and we’d love to share some key insights with you that have helped us and our clients experience success in this ever changing digital world!

7 Myths of Social Media

1. I need to be on all of them
2. I need more likes/followers
3. If I post it, they will come
4. Put the intern/young professional in charge
5. Social media builds instant community
6. To be successful, I need to post 24/7
7. It’s all about me


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