Ever thought about starting your own Esty business?

Maybe you already had a shop (or several), but you don’t know why it isn’t making you the money you wanted.

Do you want an outlet for all of your creative goodness?

I’m inviting you to pursue your dreams.

I’ll personally take you through the steps to start your Etsy shop off strong.

You CAN earn a 2nd or 3rd income from this.
You CAN make a living off of something you make with your hands.
You CAN be an International seller
You CAN have your own Etsy Empire…

  • Even if you’ve never sold anything online before
  • Even if you don’t think you have the time
  • Even if you felt like you always needed a “real job”
  • Even if you have no idea what to sell

This Workshop series isn’t for just anyone. It’s for those who not only want their own Etsy Empire, but are ready to pursue it. I won’t just be talking strategy or handing you a list of “todos” to add to your already busy schedule, we’ll actually be creating your store together.

Together, we’ll pick a product that people actually want, craft a listing that will get you sales, find the perfect price point, and implement the secrets to being an Etsy seller everyone wants to buy from.

PLUS, when you join this Workshop Series, you have the added bonus of your own Seller Support Group. You’ll get tips from other Etsy Sellers starting off just like you. Hear what’s working for them and discuss how you can grow your store alongside theirs.

Forget having to ask your sister to proof-read your listings or ask your boyfriend whether or not anyone would actually buy your product,. When you join, you have access to your very own community helping you do the hard work of market research.

3 Years ago, I took the plunge on Etsy.

Now, with oodles of International sales, press from Geek havens across the Internet, the extra cash to make owning a business with my husband possible (life-long dream achieved at age 24–check!), and a rockin’ story to tell at parties, I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

I built my Etsy Empire. Are you ready to build yours?

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