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Fine tea is never easy to come across. Maybe you’ve seen it at a local farmers’ market or hole-in-the-wall health foods stores, but with the exception of Europeans, top quality tea is tough to come by. Alex Harris and her husband started Nelson’s Tea due to the lack of truly healthy options in the tea market, as most commercially available tea has been filled with syrups, dies, and artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Nelson’s Tea has made a point of making top quality loose leaf tea available to all consumers. No European vacation required.

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1. Notebook for Meetings

A notebook may be considered an artifact for most. This notebook accompanies me to my meetings and allows me to track important information on our relationships and serves as a reminder of discussions when my memory fails. I also keep contact information in it because I don’t fully trust electronics. My phones have failed at the most inopportune times.

2. Scale

This is how I know how much tea to provide in an order, although I am known for throwing a little extra in (don’t tell). It is also especially important for determining the amount of flavoring to use in a tea. Blending is an art but some of it is certainly a science! This is where my trusty scale comes in.

3. Filtered Water

It is important to steep tea in water that is free of chlorine and mineral contaminants. These contaminates influence the PH of the water as well as impact the aroma and flavor of the tea. pH neutral water is optimal for the best possible brew.

4. Hot Water Boiler

A hot water boiler provides access to hot water ALL THE TIME! This is perfect for a junkie, ahem, I mean enthusiast (expert is too stuffy), such as myself. The different temperature selections are helpful for creating the best brew, as different teas flourish in different temperatures and require different steep times.

5. Tea

Tea, it’s what I do. It started as a hobby and now fills my life! Luckily, I have access to a full inventory that helps me relax. We do custom blending and packaging, focusing on wholesale accounts such as cafes, enotecas, spas, yoga/fitness studios, school and office coffee and tea programs, and special events. We sell on

6. Perfect Brewing System

This is the most efficient and effective way to brew loose leaf teas. It lets the tea “swim” so that the leaves are fully immersed for full flavor and health benefits.

7. A Proper Tea Cup

In comparison to a coffee mug, a tea cup is smaller and wider, and is designed to provide an aromatic experience. This is where the relaxation and experiential component of tea come in. I highly recommend drinking tea from a tea cup. My favorite tea cup is pictured here. It is my favorite because it is nostalgic and has been with me since my college days studying for finals and has been my moment of solace in tumultuous times.

8. Bags

These are the vessels that hold the key to the magic! They are re-sealable so the tea stays fresh, and we chose a design that is clear in the front so the tea can be seen. These bags stand nicely on shelves and provide a classy and clean yet warm image to bolster our brand (or yours!) and provide an aesthetic and delicious product/experience to the consumer.

9. Prayer Requests

This little book follows me around and reminds me who and what to pray for. Faith is an important part of my life and our business. I fully believe in treating others how I want to be treated and make an effort every day to better myself and our business. Prayer helps me reflect and focus on what’s truly important.

Pictures by Chris Whonsetler – be sure to check him out online: (WhonPhoto), on Facebook, and Twitter as well!

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