Artist Dates

One of the biggest struggles in the world of creativity is finding inspiration. While an Ideastorm can be a great tool in a pinch, I often find taking preventative measures works even better. So how do you keep the creative juices following non-stop? Invite yourself on a weekly “Artist Date.”

The Artist Date

Who: Just YOU.

Taking time alone, helps you take in the world around you better than sharing it with a friend. (For all you extroverts out there, don’t worry! It’s only an hour or so, then you can tell everyone about your adventure.)

What: Julia Cameron coined the term ‘Artist Date’ in her book The Artist’s Way. She defines it as “assigned play.”

In other words, it’s a mini adventure or activity you treat yourself to weekly in order to refill your creativity and imagination. You don’t need a sketchbook, notebook, camera or agenda: just soak in the activity for its own pleasure and allow it to feed your well of ideas at a later time.

Where: Anywhere that makes you happy! It could be a museum, garden, putting green, library, pet shelter or art supply shop.

When: Setting aside time to “play” and refuel once a week keeps your well of creativity extra juicy. Again, don’t worry about producing anything creative once a week, just focus on the idea of filling yourself up on a regular basis.

Why: Whether you’re busy running a business, cleaning house, catering to clients or catching up on emails, we live in a world where we rarely take time to play as adults. When you indulge your inner-child a bit, your creativity flourishes. (Added bonus? Your work-life becomes much more productive as well!)

To learn more, check out Julia’s Artist Date video here.

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