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What ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ Can Teach You About Business

Dr. Seuss is a well known author of many a favorite children’s story, but can we glean business truths from his famous rhymes as well? Of course!

At Paired Inc, we’re huge proponents of out-of-the-box thinking and everyday inspiration. And as we flip through kids’ books with our own little one on the way, we’re also giving ourselves crash courses in business 101. Join us as we share our business tips gleaned from famous picture books!

Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham, the story of an extremely enthusiastic Sam-I-Am trying to get his friend to like an unusual breakfast food, reminds kids that it’s important to try new things. But it also teaches some great lessons about sales and marketing. Let’s explore them!

#1 It’s Important to Do Market Research
Sam-I-Am is so eager to promote his green eggs and ham, that he doesn’t even stop to think about what others want. He believes the more interesting the setting he can offer his dish in, the more likely it will be that his friend will like it. But perhaps green-colored food is not appealing to his target market. Doing a bit of research to see what your audience wants is key–don’t assume you already know what they like.

#2 Learn When to Accept a ‘No’
If you have ever been on the other end of a pushy salesman, you would certainly be able to see why Sam-I-Am begins to rub his friend the wrong way. The phrase “I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!” is repeated countless times throughout the book. It’s obvious that Sam is annoying and that his repetitive sales tactics are neither appreciated nor effective. If your potential client is not interested, graciously accept their ‘no’ and spend your time on warmer prospects.

#3 Communicate the Benefits of Your Product or Service
I can’t help but think perhaps he doesn’t want to try green eggs and ham because he has not been given any information about it. What does it taste like? Why is it green? What makes it so delicious? Why should he even like it? Instead of addressing these natural questions, Sam-I-Am merely suggests more and more places to eat them: “Eat them here! Eat them there! In a house! With a mouse!” It’s important to clearly communicate the benefits of your offering so your customer is motivated to buy.

#4 Trials and Free Samples Work Wonders
Eventually, Sam-I-Am stops his sales pitch long enough to suggest his friend actually tries the green eggs and ham. And it turns out his green eggs and ham are actually delicious! When your audience is hesitant or you’re offering is so new and unusual, giving them the opportunity to test it ahead of time, will work wonders.


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