Paired 2015 Planners

Paired Planners

Picking out a planner. It’s just about as “January” as you get, save from goal setting. While the heart of our schedules rest in a shared calendar on our phones, there’s something immensely satisfying to keeping a paper planner as well.

At least that’s what we think.

At least that’s what we tell ourselves every January.

So here’s a peek at Paired Inc’s 2015 planners. We each picked planner strategies that help balance us out:

JK’s more apt to wander and get to things when he feels like it, so he snagged a Franklin planner of sorts to organize himself by the hour and keep track of priorities and daily tasks. His planner keeps him focused on each day–accomplishing big projects by breaking them out rather than tackling them as a whole on some future Friday. Plus, the daily layout helps him schedule follow up emails and meeting confirmations in a timely fashion.

I tend towards filling my days with “busy work” and running myself ragged until it’s too late to realize I’ve over-extended myself. So I grabbed a pink weekly planner from Target to help give me some breathing room. My goals and shopping lists are organized by month rather than week, and my todos are weekly rather than daily. Which gives me permission to pace myself. Plus, I picked out some fun tape to help my block out times for field trips, date nights, creativity, yoga, and coffee with friends.

How did you pick your planner this year, and are you paired with the right one?


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