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The Creativity Series

I’d like to dispel one of the biggest myths about creativity. Creativity does not take talent. It isn’t one of those things you are born with or without. It is cultivated. And it is completely accessible to everyone.

Not only that, creativity isn’t just being able to paint a picture. It’s not the ability to paper mache the heck out of a homemade pinata, create the next new social network or make insanely realistic pencil drawings in your spare time. Creativity is basically just being comfortable enough with the world around that you can rearrange the pieces.

You can call it being clever, innovative, artistic, eccentric, intelligent, forward-thinking, thrifty, imaginative, amusing, interesting, powerful, hyperactive, purposeful, or just plan awesome. Because it’s all of those things. And whether you’re a teacher, trainer, CEO, CFO, physician or physacist, being able to think outside the box and bring in new ideas to your workplace, home, relationships and world is a valuable asset indeed.

Which is why we’re introducing the “Creativity Series” where we share tips, tricks, insights, stories and strategies all revolving around this fantastic concept of creativity.

Welcome aboard!

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