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Monthly Themes for 2014

Forget New Year’s resolutions, we much prefer to start the year off with more specific (and lasting) themes.

After we’ve gotten knitty gritty with our goals, we sit down and plan out our overarching themes for each month. That way, when the months flip by, we’re still staying motivated with a new focus every few weeks, and we can make sure to spread out checkpoints for all our goals.

And in typical Paired fashion, we designed fun icons for each month and tied the themes into goals we have in all aspects of our life–not just the business ones. Happy 2014!!

2014 Goal Icons

January “Systemize”
We’re starting off the year by extreme organizing on the inside of our business. From streamlining our design processes, to organizing our bookkeeping strategy, cleaning up contracts and getting a good social media strategy into gear.

February “Lots of Love”
In February we’re going to be making an extra effort to evaluate how we’re meeting the needs of our clients. We’re committing to regularly praying for them and their businesses, as well as our friends and loved ones. Plus, we’ll be taking time for date nights.

March “March Madness”
There will most certainly be a company-wide March Madness pool with Paired this year (cats, may or may not be involved). We’re amping up our work this month as well as our exercise routine.

April “Hop Back into It”
With a fourth of the way through the year, our April will be devoted to reviewing our goals and systems to make sure we’re still on track.

May “Half Birthday”
We are beyond excited to be celebrating what we hope will be a regular Paired tradition–our half birthday! For now, though, all our plans are kept under tight lock and key until it rolls around. (It’s a bit of a surprise party if you will.)

June “Summer Reading”
As June rolls around, we’re taking time to read for fun and study up on new business ideas. We’ll also be looking into possible class opportunities for later in the year.

July “Freedom & Independence”
What better way to celebrate July than with the theme of freedom? In addition to fireworks, we’ll be working towards financial freedom for ourselves and helping others to do the same. We’re also taking this month as a second evaluation/checkpoint where we can get rid of habits and practices that aren’t helping us personally and business-wise.

August “Training Camp”
We want to start this season strong by making sure we’re keeping up with our exercise routine. We’ll also be looking into taking different classes and possibly launching a couple of our own.

September “Giving Back”
This month we’ll be looking into more ways to serve. We’re also keeping up with our commitment to tithing and are hoping to support some great causes specifically through our business.

October “Safe & Sound”
In October we’re making sure everything is locked tight. We’ll be weatherizing and checking the security around our home, and ensuring we’re financially secure as well. Plus, we’re planning and further pursuing a partnership with an upcoming security consulting firm.

November “Thanksgiving”
At Paired we absolutely love this time of year where we can take to just thank our clients and reflect on all we’ve been blessed with. We’ll also be looking into our game plan for next year.

December “Joy to the World”
And we’re finishing off the year with a boatload of joy–reflecting on the ride, celebrating it all, and spending time with God and family.

(Want some more inspiration for your own monthly themes? Take a look at ours from 2013 as well.)

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