Katja: Hair Stylist

Say hello to Katja Geisler, a super spunky and ultra stylish hair stylist! Katja is a recent graduate of the Aveda Frederics Institute and took the bold step to open her own salon where she delights customers and gives gorgeous haircuts.

With a kind-hearted spirit, bubbly personality, and uncanny knack for remembering where you took your last vacation (even if she hasn’t seen you in months), Katja is killing this whole young entrepreneur gig. (Which we at Paired Inc. have a special fondness for.)

Her work has been featured in recent editions of Kit magazine, and her new salon rocks our socks. Whether you’re the guy who doesn’t have a clue about hair, the gal who is looking to grab the attention of the room, or the person who hasn’t seen a stylist in years, this girl is for you.

Check out her website, read the raves on yelp, and then pick up the phone and schedule an appointment (765.414.2697) with your new favorite stylist!

Now, let’s flip open the newest edition of Tools of the Trade to check out Katja’s tools:

Katja Tools of the Trade

1. My blow dryer is one of my absolute most essential and beloved tools. This obviously allows me to dry my clients hair, but to me it’s the icing on the cake. A simple cut or color just doesn’t look complete without the perfect blow dry.

2. Combs are simple objects. They’re essentially chunks of plastic with small teeth that help detangle the hair. There are several different types of combs I use, but unfortunately there isn’t anything else too exciting I can say about them!

3. What would I do without my shears: not hair of course. These bad boys are my everything. Two of the shears I have are from cosmetology school that I just can’t get rid of, but once I landed a job in a salon I had to get my 7″ shears. They cut down my cutting times and they just look cool in the process!

4. What you will notice about my clippers is that I have no guards. Unlike hairstylist you may have gone to before, I cut everything with my clippers freehand. I use clipper over comb techniques that I simply adore because the end result doesn’t look as “cookie cutter-esque” as if I used clippers with guards. I cut based off of the head shape, not a pre-manufactured guide.

5. My license is absolutely my most prized possession. I worked extremely hard for 40+ hours a week for ten months to receive my license. In exchange for that hard work (and passing the Indiana State Cosmetology Exam) I was given the right and privilege to do what I love wherever I want (within the Indiana State borders).

6. Sometimes my clients tell me they actually come to my salon just for the great magazines, not to see me! Currently included in my stock is a local magazine I was featured in for the March-April issue called Kit Magazine. If you haven’t, go check it out!

7. Contrary to most men’s and sometimes children’s belief, my round brushes are NOT torture devices. They help me while blow drying give the desired end result my client is looking for.

8. My hot tools are mostly used for finishing purposes. Sometimes used to create a beachy wave with the assistance of a larger curling iron or a pencil straight look with the help of my flat iron. They are also what’s to blame for countless burn marks and scars I have on my hands! It’s just part of the job! 🙂

9. Another essential for what I do is my color. I use Davines, an Italian color line that I fell in love with shortly after starting at my first salon where it was used. The color is translucent so it never gives off a flat, matte color. It always has highs and lows, different hues and dimensions, even when just doing an all over color.

10. I like to try out different product lines, but currently I am dabbling in O&M, an Australian product line. I always enjoy products that obviously do what they are meant to do and do it well, but also have a fresh smell at the same time. This way, I trust what I am promoting to my clients 100%. I am never going to send a client home with a product I don’t like.


Pictures by Chris Whonsetler – be sure to check him out online: (WhonPhoto), on Facebook, and Twitter as well!

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