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This is Kathy.Meet Kathy Davis, a licensed attorney in Indiana and Florida who specializes in small business law. Kathy is a wife, mother, and individual who is passionate about following your passion. Which is why she loves working with small business owners. (And why we at Paired Inc think she’s pretty awesome.)

Kathy isn’t just your run-of-the-mill attorney, though. She developed a unique concept called “Stop By the Legal Department“, a membership based website aimed at helping entrepreneurs answer those niggling questions – without spending hours searching on Google or hundreds of dollars on a meeting and an opinion from an attorney.

We highly recommend signing up for Kathy’s program and suggest it to new business owners we meet who are inevitably asking us whether they should set up shop as an corporation or LLC. Stop By The Legal Department is available on a monthly basis for $15, or for a single annual payment of $99.  And you get unlimited questions.

Get inspired by visiting Kathy’s website, kathycatlindavis.com and connect with her on all your social hotspots:

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Kathy’s tools cater to the nature of her business – which is often on-the go. So, let’s get to them!

1.  Family Photo

We all have reasons why we do what we do.  I love helping people.  I love learning new things.  And I love my family.  Part of my responsibility in this world is to support these guys emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Keeping their picture around reminds me frequently of why I do what I do.

2. Cash Book

All business owners need to know the bottom line, and a lawyer is no exception.  I keep track of our daily earnings in this handy book.  I also measure the firm’s financials in terms of our monthly revenue goals, and where we are each month in relation to past months.  The bottom line is an important part of meeting my financial obligations – and this book helps me get there.

3. Pink Notebook

I believe in the power of dreams, goals and a plan.  And so I write these things down – every day.  The notebook I am working with now is bright pink and easy to find.  I keep notes on my goals, new ideas I hear, things to implement, and quotes I like.

4. Watch

Being present to the idea of time and commitments is a sign of respect.  Using a watch – instead of checking your phone – is a much more discreet way to manage time in a meeting.

5. Yellow Pads

I’m pretty sure the affinity for the yellow pad is given to us when they hand out the law degree.  Seriously though, I like the yellow pad because I can easily spot which pages in a file are my notes – and which pages are not. (See Heather’s #2).

6. Pens, Highlighter and Sharpie

Being able to work virtually is important to me.  But when it comes to reading and writing, I’m old school (or just old) enough that I like to have the paper in front of me.

7. BNI book and Business Card Holder

Most of my clients find me through referrals – either people who know me or people who have worked with me in the past.  I spend a chunk of every week attending networking meetings, and getting to know potential referral partners in a one to one setting.  I almost always have my own business cards on me as well.  You never know when you may need to have one handy.

It’s not about selling either.  Most of the time when I hand out a card at a non-networking event, I am providing helpful information – a website that could answer a question, a book title the person might want to check out.  I keep the back of my cards blank – and use a non-glossy finish – for that precise reason.

8. IPad

I resisted getting an iPad for a few years.  But once I opened my own business, I decided to give it a try.  Now, I wouldn’t trade it.  The iPad isn’t a replacement for my computer in any way – but it is much lighter and more convenient than my laptop, and allows me to stay connected and productive on the go.  I still get more done on my actual computer – but I spend far less “computer time” searching the Internet and checking Facebook.

9.  Address stamp

As a lawyer, I send a lot of mail.  The address stamp saves hours – and looks much more professional than stickers.  It can also be used on envelopes of all sizes, without requiring a large stock of pre-printed envelopes.

10. Charger

With all this on the go activity, I occasionally run out of juice.  This handy charger doesn’t snag or get tangled in the bottom of my bag.

11. Phone

What can I say?  I use this to talk, text, email and stay on top of things.  My practice management software, MyCase, has an app that allows me to see contact information, notes and other things  right on my phone.  I use Ruby Receptionist, a virtual answering service.  They also have an app that allows me to update my status, location, and plan for the day – all in real time.

12. Mac Foundation and Lipstick

Like it or not, perception is very important in our world.  A consultant introduced me to Mac Studio foundation and this long lasting lipstick – and I don’t think I could switch.  The foundation is easy to apply and reapply and looks natural.  The lipstick stays on for a more-than-decent amount of time – meaning I don’t have to think about constantly checking my makeup.

13. FitBit

Being a lawyer can involve a lot of desk time.  I’ve been wearing a FitBit for more than 4 years now.  It’s a good way for me to keep track of how much I am walking and how much I am sitting.  I know if I check it at the end of the day and the number is on the low side, that I need to be more active that night or the next day.  Conversely though, after 4 years, I can also tell you that I get in so many steps on an average weekend day that I can usually skip a “formal” workout on those days because I know I will be hitting my step target without taking that time.

14. Hair tie

Like every woman out and about, my hair sometimes gets in my face.  I may only have it up between meetings, but it is handy to have one at all times.

15. Copy Stamp

In my profession, I always keep both a paper copy and an electronic copy of everything I send out.    The copy stamp lets me know if the copy I am looking at in my file is what I sent out – or what was sent back to me.

Pictures by Chris Whonsetler – be sure to check him out online: (WhonPhoto), on Facebook, and Twitter as well!

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