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JK: Marketing Consultant

WhonPhoto_Paired-Inc000Say hello to JK Stewart. (Jameson Klaser if you want to use his full name. Which no absolutely one does except for Megan when she’s in a particularly poetic mood.) Complete entrepreneur at heart, JK is the one who made the push to found Paired Inc.

He has a solid business background, is loyal to the bone, and has a healthy thirst for competition and high goals. He’s the tech-guy of Paired Inc.’s pair–ironing out background kinks and finagling all the “boring” stuff like web hosting, email set-up, keyword research, and website functionality. He also has a great eye for design and mind for marketing–which helps Paired produce products for their clients that actually reach target markets and accomplish business objectives.

And when he’s not working, he’s checking out the latest YouTube videos of baby animals, trying to give stuff away for free, snacking on yogurt and pudding cups, or dreaming about becoming a venture capitalist that only invests in kids’ crazy ideas. (Yup, he really is that sweet–you can’t make this stuff up.)

Now, let’s take a peek at his Paired tools:

Jk's Tools

1. Laptop – Not the greatest laptop ever, but it works.  Unlike normal people, who use Mac or PC, I run Linux on there – because I’m super computer savvy and smart.  No, actually, I needed to wipe the hard drive at one point and I couldn’t find a Windows installation disc.

2. Binder – So I went to a sales training seminar a while back, and the guy in charge says he keeps all of his (really detailed) goals in a binder like this, which he calls “The Football” – named after the suitcase that contains the President’s nuclear launch authorization codes to start World War III, should he need to.  Anyway, I felt inspired, so I went out and bought myself a “Football,” which now houses my goals, but goes with me pretty much everywhere, as it is the location where I keep client notes, business cards, my old school paper calendar, etc.

3. Nook – To be fair, a bit of this post has changed, mainly because I’ve procrastinated in writing these descriptions.  This is one of those points.  I no longer have the Nook, but what it represents is, basically, reading.  I read a lot of business and tech blogs, along with business books, so we can try to keep improving.

4. Vibram FiveFingers – These shoes are easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made [second to everything involved with marrying Megan 🙂   ].  You may have seen them around, but they are supposed to mimic “going barefoot,” without the problems of slicing your foot open when you step on a rock.  I use them when Megan and I go running.  They’re also super lightweight.  And they’re orange, which is ostentatious, which I like.

5. iPhone 5 – Example #2 of me putting off writing this post.  I currently have a Nokia Lumia 1520 (which is a Windows phone and roughly the size of Montana).  Here it is next to the iPhone 5: Nokia Lumia Size Comparison

However, it is still accurate to say that my phone makes working-on-the-go much easier.  Pretty much all my communication runs through it and, like most people nowadays, it would be very tough to operate without it.

6. Xbox 360 – In order to “decompress” and unwind, I tend to play video games – mostly Madden and the Lego Series of games.  Megan and I are currently playing Lego Marvel Superheroes, which combines two of the greatest things in the world.

7. Crossword Puzzles – Another one of my downtime activities is this.  It’s hard for me to walk past a newspaper without being tempted to dig out the crossword puzzle.  Not sure why I like them so much, but I feel like it’s a good thing to keep my brain healthy.  Or at least that’s what this article says: Brain Health & Crossword Puzzles

8. Headphones – This one, although plugged into the iPhone, is actually the same – that’s right, I sold the iPhone but kept the Apple headphones, because I’m a rebel!  Actually, I feel like I lose earbuds all the time, so having a few extra pairs laying around seems like a good idea.  Also useful while running (if it’s just me, without Megan) or when I need to super-focus on some code.

Not Pictured:

9. Sunglasses – I can’t believe I forgot to bring these to the shoot! I wear sunglasses all the time.  So much so, that I’ve basically trained my eyes to be weak and pathetic and require sunglasses for me to go outside.

Thanks to Chris Whonsetler at Whonsetler Photography for the pictures – the headshots (like the ones on our homepage) and the tools pics!

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