Behind the Scenes with Paired

To celebrate our half birthday, we wanted to give you a little background on Paired Inc. In an effort to avoid typing, we have compiled a little collection of interview snippets, so auditory and visual learners rejoice!

Firstly, why did we choose to celebrate our half birthday instead of the regular old “work anniversary”?

One of the best parts of owning your own business is that you can arbitrarily make up celebrations and company parties. Our half birthday is just one of those fun Paired traditions we are looking forward to celebrating year after year.

Secondly, we always get asked what it’s like working together. Sometimes being co-owners of a company doesn’t always equal marital bliss, but luckily in our case we make it work. One of the secrets to our success is that we’ve known each other for so darn long. We’ve spent almost 50% of our lives in a relationship with each other–which is saying a lot since we’re only just a quarter of a century old. We know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, tipping points and rallying points. Plus, we pretty much never get sick of each other (which is a trait that is often quite sickening to other people). Basically, we’ve got the recipe for the “Perfect Pair” down pat–at least when it comes to the business world. To put it simply, we often tell people “JK makes stuff work. Megan makes stuff look good.”

The very first project we tackled as a team came years before Paired and our marriage–when all we wanted was to ace our AP classes and finish the final faster than the other person (yup. we’re pretty competitive–never put us on opposing teams):

We no longer spew out sarcasm, but we do love to have a blast together. We take time for monthly Paired field trips, tease each other about our individual obsessions, use words like ‘ the interwebs’, and fantasize about creating ridiculous websites and dominating the darknet one bitcoin at a time. In the words of one of our most recent clients, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it all wrong.”

And as it turns out, some pretty great ideas come out of just having fun. From fantastical daydreams about owning our own bakery to tossing around a whole slew of names for our marketing company (among the forerunners were “Lemur Tech” and “Phoenix Marketing Solutions”), we finally landed on “Paired Inc.” when Megan got fed up and said, “Ok, that’s it, if we can’t figure something out, I’m just drawing a pear.”

Turns out the pear/pair/paired concept was pretty ingenious. Who knew?

That December night two and a half years ago, a domain was bought, sketches drawn, and Paired Inc. was born:

Paired Logo


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