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Our Monthly Themes

This time last year my goal was to print business cards. I had spent the last couple months dragging my feet and trying to do everything I could to thwart the notion of starting our own business. Because, honestly, the thought terrified me to no end. But at the beginning of January 2012, I had designed a logo and website against all my “better” judgements.

And my goal for January was to print business cards. So that I could hand them out and state to the world that I really was doing this crazy thing. And, honestly, my goal that January was my goal throughout all of 2012, to own up to the business in my heart and head.

And after a whirl-wind year of leaps of faiths, I miraculously made it back to January.

In one piece!

This year, absolute fear has been replaced with extreme passion and excitement, and boy have I got goals! Not only that, but Paired Inc. has got itself monthly themes to keep the passion and drive spurring us throughout all of 2013. (Oh, and did I mention I also designed logos for each of our themes? Yep, that’s them at the top.)


It’s easy to jot down a couple goals for the year, but we really wanted

to make sure that we were going full-steam all year long. So we sat down and came up with monthly goals and themes to match those goals. Looking at it over a 12 month spread really gave us an opportunity to think big and allot time to pursue exploits we had been wanting to for a while. It also gave us a chance to set aside months to reevaluate our business and kick start campaigns at regular intervals throughout the year.

We’ve still got our “do this every week” or “make sure this happens each day” goals, but we’ve also got a big picture for the year.

So… without further adieu (and for a chance inspire you a tad) here are our monthly themes:



JANUARY: “Jumpstart” This month we’re really jumping in to marketing our business, setting up a better use of social media, setting goals and finding mentors.

FEBRUARY: “Favorites” and Share the Love campaign. This month we’re focusing most of our energy on new projects for previous clients. And  we’re also starting a social media campaign to gain more followers.

MARCH: “Fresh Look” This month we’re reflecting on our business thus far, reevaluating marketing tactics and our website and blog to see what’s working and what isn’t.

APRIL: “Go Big” This month we’re casting out the big nets again and focusing on gaining more clients and expanding our business with a new branch.

MAY: “Movie Month” This month we get to finally test out the use of videos for marketing. We’ll also be making videos for our website and blog.

JUNE: “On the Water” This month we’ll be sailing on strong and steady while reflecting once more on what we can make better.

JULY: “Reignite” This month is another boost of energy where we reignite our marketing and efforts for one last big push to gain clients.

AUGUST: “Back to School” This month we’re each choosing something new we would like to learn or get better at. We’ll start connecting with resources or signing up for seminars to help us in this area.

SEPTEMBER: “SEO” This month we’re focusing on SEO. Reviewing SEO for our company, our current clients, and trying to gain a few more SEO-specific clients.

OCTOBER: “Bonfire” This month we’re burning (figuratively of course, but there might be a small fire involved as well) negative attitudes and practices that are weighing us down and starting anew.

NOVEMBER: “Bounty” and Share the Love II campaign. This month we’re reflecting on our blessing throughout the year and showing appreciation to our clients and support systems through a second campaign focusing on thankfulness.

DECEMBER: “Celebrate” This month we’re celebrating our 2nd year as a company, taking a break from business, and then looking forward to next year.



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