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Lance: Writer

This is Lance.

Meet Lance Schaubert. Professional editor, story coach and copy cleaner. Bottom line: he’s a writer.

Published? Yep. Creative? You bet.

But what makes Lance fabulous to chat with is his immense knowledge base of books, films, philosophy and the like. (Of course we’re partial to the frequent LOTR and Harry Potter references he makes when illustrating a point.)

Honestly, though, our own short intro could never do him justice, so we’ll send you over to his website (lanceschaubert.org) where you can see him do what he does best: write and connect to others.

Plus, you can also connect with Lance via your social media favs.

Twitter: @lanceschaubert
Facebook: lanceschaubert

Now, let’s take a look at the tools of his trade!


  1. Lamp that feels like an incandescent glow
  2. manilla envelops for submissions
  3. recycled manuscripts
  4. Back support (I have minor scoliosis that makes it impossible to sit in hardwood over long periods)
  5. [proceeding down the bookshelf in a Z fashion] The complete archive of The New Yorker
  6. Books on ships (I love learning about the sea and seamanship)
  7. Complete Shakespeare
  8. Dictionary of Imaginary Places
  9. Nortan Anthology of Am. Lit
  10. Basket containing THE ESSENTIALS KIT from the Dangerous Book for Boys that my bride bought for me on my 21st birthday.
  11. “To return” or “To dispose of” stack
  12. [next shelf on the left] Game of Thrones
  13. Norse Mythology
  14. Books on Mythology like “The Golden Bough” and “Hero with 1,000 Faces”
  15. Reflection of Theology in Literature and Aids to Reflection
  16. Chesterton & Tolkien stuff
  17. Thinker’s Thesaurus
  18. Peterson
  19. TONS of Lewis
  20. Political books like “The Essential Chomsky” and “The People’s History” and books on Civil Disobedience, Pacifism, Love-force, prayer.
  21. Greek/English Concordance
  22. Chronological Life of Christ
  23. little books that I read once per year
  24. Journal archive (in part)
  25. Books on writing, writers, and dictionaries
  26. [next shelf] Story by McKee
  27. Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
  28. Books on Alchemy and Symbols
  29. iPad with stand-up case and stylus
  30. chair to keep Echo (my spaniel) from barking like an idiot behind a glass prison
  31. New CDs from christmas
  32. “To read” stack
  33. “To return to library” stack
  34. Journal of resolutions and letters to myself about the kind of man I want to become
  35. stack of stories to edit
  36. malcolm gladwell
  37. more alchemy
  38. stack of rejected stories or “NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED” crap
  39. edited stories to be transferred
  40. transferred stories to be submitted
  41. Tin Tin
  42. Typewriter that I wrote my 3rd novel on
  43. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation printer that prints at 3 seconds per page and only $.027 per page as opposed to the godless $.10 a certain computer lab charged me
  44. Novel & Short Story Market
  45. Screenplay Market
  46. Receipt from library for due dates
  47. Rothfuss (more fantasy lit — I’m a junky for a good story in another world)
  48. The Current Clipboard. I make notes and poems and drawings on my clipboard and when it breaks, I retire it as a piece of art.
  49. Book of Common Prayer
  50. Christian Approach to Western Lit
  51. Books I’ve stopped halfway through I find them terrible (Inkheart)
  52. Christian Approach to Western Literature
  53. The magical book bound in black leather that gives me all my ideas.
  54. Current journal. This one has graph paper which ended up inspiring something I call “The Lancelot Cypher.” My pen pals know exactly what I’m talking about and the C.I.A. is still trying to crack it… as far as you and I know.
  55. Pilot G2 pen. I’m normally a guy for smaller gages, but I’ve had problems with the .05 or .0325 clogging. Any suggestions on other affordable pens? I used to use fountains with an ink well and nibs, but it’s too messy for every day.
  56. List of things to remember for my bride
  57. Invocation of the Muse spoken into the room’s air through prayer.
  58. Not pictured: postage stamps
  59.  5-yr-old MacBook
  60. No, my breath isn’t that bad… unless I’ve been chugging 36oz Lancelot Special-Teas all day long (Strawberry sweet tea with fresh strawberries). That Altoids can is for my Skull Candy headphones

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