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Jessica: Running Coach & Personal Trainer

This is Jessica (in the middle).Meet Jessica Sprenkel, the kind of fun, down-to-earth fitness trainer you’d love to hit the gym with everyday. What exactly does she do? Well in her own words (and we couldn’t have said it better any other way) “I kick people’s asses for a living.” Which means a) she would make the perfect bodyguard and b) she knows exactly how to get you into shape, maintain your motivation, and keep you smiling all the way you run that 5k.

And though she currently lives way down in Austin, Texas, you can follow her blog, RUNMEM, to read all about her pounding the pavement towards her goal of running a half marathon in every state and as many countries as possible, get some great tips on healthy living, and hear about all the tasty foods she finds as she travels the globe.

Annnd (get ready because this is awesome) if you’ve struggled to get motivated in the past, have your own personal fitness goal you’re trying to obtain, want your own personal trainer (how cool would it be to say you had one?), or just want to make a rockin’ new friend shoot her an email at runmem1@gmail.com. She offers coaching and training over email, plus with a rate of 10-20$/week, it’s an absolute steal!

Now, jog on over and check out her tools of the trade:

Jessica's Tools

1. Motivational headgear – Bondi Bands have great products with phrases like RUN, Carpe Diem, Suck it Up etc.

2. GPS Watch – essential for tracking miles and pace.  Mine is a Garmin, and I lovingly refer to him as Gary, my best running partner.

3. Running Shorts – It’s hot in Texas!  Gotta show off my tan legs with a bright color  🙂

4. Shoes – I work at a running specialty store part time where we conduct gait analysis to make sure you’re in the right shoe for your foot.  Being in the proper shoe has changed the way I run, and the way I feel when I run for the better!  I love my Saucony Mirages!

5. Running Top – I like tank tops that can double as yoga tops too.

6. Race Number – The whole reason I run is to be able to participate in half-marathon races all around the country.  I’ve run with family, old friends, new friends, and clients.  My next race is February 17 in the Austin Livestrong Marathon!

7. Laptop – Student.  Blogger. Virtual Trainer.  I’m constantly writing on my Mac.  I send out email running assignments to clients who still live in Memphis – helping them train for races of various distances.  This is the business I’m truly hoping to grow when school is over!

8. 13.1 sticker – The true reason why anyone runs a big race….for the sticker!

9. Gu pack – For runs over 13 miles, these little packs of sugar are essential.  And now thanks to UTexas, I’m smart enough to know all the biological mechanisms behind it!

10. Yoga mat (underneath everything) – Keep those hard working muscles stretched out and the stressed out mind at ease

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