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Jenny: Graphic Designer & Photographer

This is Jenny.

Jenny Tod tickles us turquoise with her charming hand-drawn lettering and water-color whimsies. Founder and owner of Turqouise Feathers, she has a heart for all things hand-made.  Photography, invitations, websites, programs, logos and so much more–this girl has got the graphic arts down. And if you are looking to add some lovely charm or vintage flare to your wedding, she’ll cover it all! Oh, did we mention she’s also got an Etsy store?

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Now, take a peek into her workspace to see her tools of the trade!

Jenny's Tools

[1] 27″ Apple iMac. This purchase was a dream of mine – something I had wanted for years! It’s what I do the majority of my work on, from designing brand identities to editing lovely wedding photographs. Hands down my favorite and most important tool!

[2] Skittles. If you know me, you know I LOVE candy. Skittles are my absolute favorite and are typically accompanied by a Dr. Pepper!

[3] Wacom Tablet. Amazing tool for better control while designing and editing – especially when creating handmade designs. LOVE it!

[4] 1000 Fonts by Keith Martin, Robin Dodd, & Graham Davis. I have an obsession with typography. Love the ability to thumb through a database and highlight those that I wish to use on each project.

[5] Rifle Paper Company Notebook, Tracing Paper, & Drawing Pens. Because so much of my work is handmade, I do a ton of sketching, drawing, and scanning in to the computer. Love Rifle Paper Co and feel inspired when sketching in one of their notebooks.

[6] Canon 5D Mark II. In addition to documenting all of my design work, this tool is used for my family, senior, and wedding photography sessions and it does wonders!! It is definitely an investment, but I would HIGHLY recommend this purchase.

[7] Watercolor paints. The one thing I remember most vividly from my childhood is drawing and painting with my dad. Because of my absolute love for art, I jump on the opportunity use watercolor and other handmade techniques in my design work!

[8] My pup Indie! He is a miniature dachshund and the absolute best studio companion!

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