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Heather: Attorney in Chicago

This is Heather

Meet Heather Shreve Fleming, our fabulous “lawyer friend” who’s residing in the windy city! Intelligent, articulate and to-the-point, we of course had to feature this go-getting female. For all of those in the corporate world, this is for you!

So, grab your cup of coffee, newspaper and briefcase, and let’s hop on the L!

Take a look at Heather’s tools of the trade:

 Heather Tools of the Trade.jpg

1. Between living in a city, walking everywhere, and standing all day in court, I need shoes that are comfortable but sleek. The solution? The fabulous Cole Haan Air Talia wedge — just enough height (but not too much), shiny patent leather, and NikeAir technology.

2. One can never underestimate the number of cheery yellow legal pads that are needed for work and home!

3. FORAY Super Comfort Grip Retractable Gel Pen. My new favorite pen.

4. Whenever I have downtime at work, at lunch, or on the L, I turn to my newest copy of The New Yorker. The wide range of subject matter, the very funny cartoons, and, of course, the ever-hilarious “Shouts & Murmurs” column always keep my interest.

5. I remain committed to my paper planner — it is the best place to keep track of engagement, appointments, goals, and other tidbits that just must be written down.

6. Although I enjoy real books as much as any bibliophile, I can’t justify hauling a huge copy of my book du jour on the Red Line, to my office, to court, to yoga, etc., and think that I won’t lose/wreck the copy. That said, the Kindle allows me to read with convenience and ease without all of the schlepping.

7. While I am not a germaphobe, I do spend all day with people — riding the L, handling dirty, dirty documents, shaking hands, and just generally living in a city. Hand sanitizer helps reduce the yuck factor of living in the city and keeps me healthy.

8. How could I not include coffee as a tool of my trade? An essential, day or night, weekday or weekend.

9. My job requires that I wear a suit every single day to work. While I was excited at first to wear professional clothes, it can be a chore (not to mention the dry cleaning bills!), so a classic, well-cut jacket, like this one from J.Crew, is essentially to pulling together an outfit with quickness and ease.

10. While my attorney I.D. badge may be small, it prevents me from going through airport-style security twice each day when I arrive at court. Such a treat!

11. I L-O-V-E a bright, strong lip, preferably in red. I do not love having chapped lips. Solution? Bright red lip balm stain, like this one from Revlon. The color makes me so, so very happy and instantly adds some polish to even the most disheveled style day.

12. These are so necessary for any city commute. When you ride the L (especially the Red Line), you must be prepared to be jammed in a tiny, odorous space with very interesting people from all walks of life. Sometimes, that isn’t pleasant. Headphones make the commute a little more tolerable — I use mine to listen to WBEZ or a favorite album as I go to and from work each day.

13. Oh, my iPhone. It has so many uses for work — checking e-mail, on-the-spot researching when defense counsel makes a crazy argument at the bench, contacting my co-workers with questions, calculating fines and fees — and for play — Words With Friends (which my co-workers and I play all day, every day!), Tumblr, Instagram, and my NY Times app. Not to mention how many times it gets me from one place to the next, finds the best frozen yogurt place in the neighborhood, or provides the soundtrack to my commute.

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