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Gareth: Director & Videographer

This is Gareth.Say hello to Gareth Davis, a creative completely dedicated to the work he chose to pursue: creating high quality films.   Having known Gareth since high school, we always knew of his creativity and we’re so excited for him to be pursuing his own venture!  Gareth has a knack for bringing a vision to life, and holds himself to the highest of standards. And this is demonstrated so clearly in his work.

Also, Gareth’s company, Day Job Films, recently won the city-wide award for Best Cinematography on their film “A Long Way to Fall.”

To learn more, pitch a project, participate in their next film, or just see what they’re up to, check out Day Job Films on Facebook and Twitter or contact Gareth directly at info@dayjobfilms.com!

Now, let’s sneak onto the set and see Gareth’s tools of the trade:

 GarethDavis' Tools

1) The main problem with DSLR videography is poor audio quality. To make sure I get the best sound in my projects, I always bring along a portable audio recorder. This particular recorder allows me to get DVD quality audio in a device that can easily fit in my kit or any bag. A simple strap lets me loop it over my neck for added convenience when on run-and-gun style shoots.

2) Of course, the standard operating procedure for interviews is to have an audio guy/gal on hand to run microphones and recorders. Since many of my shoots are one-man shows, I always bring along my high quality wireless lavalier microphone system. That way I can mike up my subject and not have to worry about it as the shoot goes on.

3) Every professional will need that certain pick me up throughout the day. Mine is coffee and this lens shaped mug is the vessel of choice for my daily brew.

4) No matter what the shoot, I always bring along a full arsenal of lens filters to counteract too much light, reflections, bad lens glare, etc. These particular filters are variable neutral density filters. I can put one on each lens and adjust them for varying brightness as the shoot goes on.

5) Never underestimate the value of a pair of good headphones. Typically, you would see a sound kit that includes a nice big pair of isolating, over-ear headphones. In the interest of space, I have found a good set of earbuds that suits my needs perfectly.

6) I have a number of memory cards for my camera and audio recorder, so to keep them safe and all in one place, I keep them in this handy little case. The case is crack proof and water tight, so I know that my memory cards are well taken care of even when a shoot gets a little messy.

7) Like many videographers these days, I have adopted the use of a DSLR camera for my shoots. This is my Canon 60D, not quite as “high end” as the upper echelon models of Canon DSLRs but it always gets me the image I need.

8) The best way to keep your lenses clean is to have a compact cleaner that you can keep tucked in your pocket. Microfiber cloth is a good option but I always find that I’m losing them or that they simply get too dirty after a while. This little Lens Pen has a retractable brush on one end and a cleaning solution infused scrubber on the other.

9) What good is a camera without a lens? I currently have my kit tricked out with three lenses affording me a focal length from 10mm to 200mm.

10) I always have spare batteries on me, even if every battery is fully charged. This is one of my camera batteries (the other is still in the camera, shame on me). I always pick up a fresh pack of AA batteries for my audio equipment right before a shoot, too, just to make sure I’ve got all the juice I’ll need.

11) When I’m on a shoot, it’s easy to lose track of time. That is the worst problem to have when your shoot day is time sensitive, so I never leave the house without a watch on my wrist. Some people use their phones, but when you are holding a camera or checking a script, it’s much easier to simply check my watch,

12) I’ve made the mistake of leaving without this far too many times before. Without this battery charger, I run the risk of having to have that awkward conversation involving asking someone to run and get it for me. Never fun.

13) (Not pictured, TAKING the picture) I never go anywhere without my phone. Along with my Google Drive app and the six or seven email addresses all synched to it, I can keep myself connected to any file or person I need so long as I have a signal. It’s probably safe to say that this is crucial to ANY professional!

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