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Emily: Photographer

This is Emily.

Meet Emily Weis. She’s a photographer and she is fantastic! More than that, she’s just an amazing person to be around, and she’ll make sure every experience is an memorable one whether it’s getting you to your big day, photographing your family’s most recent addition or just sitting down with her for a cup of nutella-infused cocoa.

Having personally worked with Emily on various ventures, we honestly can’t say enough about this girl! Enthusiastic, sincere, and absolutely dedicated to her providing her clients with the highest-quality and a top-notch service with all sorts of surprises along the way, she’s someone you have to meet!


Take a peek at her bursting business, “Emily Weis Photography“:
The Knot (PS. notice that sweet graphic over there? Ya. She was a 2013 “Best of Weddings” pick.)2013 Pick-Best of Weddings on The Knot

Now come see this darling photographer’s tools of the trade (and–in classic Emily Weis fashion–find a couple extra goodies along the way!):


1. EWP Wedding Day Survival Kit (click to peek inside). There are so many little things that come up as being needed on a wedding day. I decided to pack a little kit to take with me to all weddings. It has definitely “saved the day” before!

2. MacBook Pro. Without this, who knows where I’d be! This is where all of the e-mailing, photo editing, & studio management takes place. Along with the MacBook, I have lots of external hard drives for secure image backup.

3. CamelBak water bottle. This comes with me to every wedding. Water is a must-have during a full day of working. I can slip this water bottle into a pocket in my Shootsac or Kelly Moore bag & it doesn’t leak!

4. Post-Its. I’m a list-maker!

5. Vanilla Latte. Oh, espresso does wonders for me!

6. Aleve. Because being a kindergarten teacher and photographer can lead to a head ache every now and then.

7. Candy. I. Love. Sugar.

8. Notebook/journal. I use this as a space to jot down new ideas, plan for sessions & weddings, and even developing new ideas and avenues for the business.

9. Card reader. The tool for transferring images from a card to my computer for editing.

10. Paper branding products. Brand plays a HUGE role in any business. I have notecards, business cards, and stamps that reflect my brand. Not only are they brand-reflective, but they’re always fun to use because they’re just so pretty (in my opinion, of course).

11. iPhone. In addition to the every day use of taking notes, e-mailing clients & positing to social media, I take my iPhone everywhere I go on the wedding day. I use it as a checklist to make sure the couple gets all of the family combinations they want photos of (Uncle George, Aunt Sally, bride & groom, etc.). It’s essential when communicating with my second-shooter and wedding coordinator.

12. Planner & pens. I do lots of organization on my computer and phone, but sometimes, I just need to have it written down.

**Not pictured**

What’s in my bag?
I shoot Canon. I’m a Canon lover all-around, for sure! Here’s a list of all the equipment I use.

Kelly More bag
ThinkTank backpack

5D Mark II
5D Mark III

24-70mm 2.8 L
70-200mm 2.8 II L
50mm 1.2 L
85mm 1.2 L

580ex ii

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