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College Cookies: Tools of the Trade

This is Grandma Kirk.

It’s back to school time and for our college friends out there, that usually means back to Ramen Noodles and other less-than fabulous college foods leaving longings for a home-cooked meal and a batch of Mom’s fresh cookies. Well, thanks to College Cookies–a brand new company baking up batches of cookies for college students across the country–kids won’t have to wait until Thanksgiving for a little taste of home!

College Cookies has been 12 years in the “baking.” Branching off from a family-run catering company founded by “Grandma”, the Kirk family officially launched College Cookies last month to start off this school year.

Parents, friends and relatives can purchase cookie subscriptions for their hard-working, sleep-deprived college kiddos straight from the College Cookies website to be home-baked and delivered each month during the school year. And with adorably clever packaging, several of varieties to choose from (including Gluten-free chocolate-chip), and a company commitment to donate $1 for every box they sell, you can bet it’ll make this year a sweet success.

Study up on College Cookies by visiting their website, and check out all their social media sites:

Now come into the kitchen with co-founder Kerry Kirk to check out their tools of the trade!


1. Recipe Box – This is my favorite one of the tools – my great Babka’s (grandmother in Slovak) recipe box. The funny thing is that when I knew her, and as long as I’ve known my grandmother they never used recipes. I like to think they did at one time though – and YES the secret to our delicious cookies are in there – and NO I won’t share it!

2. Eggs – Free Range eggs are essential to all of our cookies – not much more I can say there!

3. Oats – Those would be oats – which you can find in our Oatmeal Raisin and Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip. – We use a pretty well known brand – think white hair and a hat.

4. Measuring Scoop – I love this scoop; it measures 3 cups – give or take (see answer 1 – we aren’t really used to following recipes!) It’s been used by my grandmother, aunts and cousins and will probably be used for generations to come!

5. Chocolate Chips – Those are our chocolate chips!! I love these chips because they are bigger than what you’d find in the grocery, which work perfectly with our oversized cookies.

6. Raisins – I would be lying if I said these raisins were anything different than just your average raisin. If you like raisins they are good though!

7. White Chocolate Chips – See answer 5! They are oversized and delicious and add the perfect touch to our Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip!

8. Timer – This may be the most important piece of the puzzle – I don’t want to get too specific, but the amount of time certain ingredients are mixed together and the amount of time they bake is crucial to get that perfect soft cookie. This timer also makes a star appearance in the beginning of our “Process” video on collegecookies.com so check it out!

9. The Mixer – We pride ourselves on having homemade, preservative free, fresh baked cookies – but one thing that does set us apart from your kitchen is probably the fact that we make these cookies on a large scale. So even though we aren’t getting as great of an arm work by mixing all of our dough by our own hand – we are ensuring our dough is getting an even mix for the best results.

10. The Ice Cream Scoop – I may have been the only child growing up who thought “cookies” when they saw an ice cream scoop! My grandmother has been using this tactic for as long as I can remember. So, just to give you an idea of how big our cookies are – the dough for each cookie is put on the pan by an ice cream scoop.

11. The Chocolate Chip Cookie – My favorite of all the cookies (although now that we are making the gluten free chocolate chip cookie, it has become a contender). I really do believe you have to try it to understand how delicious it is, but in case you aren’t convinced I once got out of a Saturday school in high school by bringing the Dean of Students a box of these cookies…

12. The Ruler – Much like it’s name, it really has the final say of our cookies! We make giant cookies – nearly five inches in diameter – and the ruler doesn’t lie, so if it doesn’t match up to our standards – it’s out! And by out, I mean they can’t be sent so I usually have to have the burden of figuring out what to do with them – it’s a rough life, I know.

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